Privacy Policy: Online Application Tool

To make it possible to process employment applications correctly and quickly, Audi Business Innovation GmbH uses electronic data processing (EDP) systems. The processing of any personal data you disclose to us is governed in particular by the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz – BDSG) and the German Telemedia Act (Telemediengesetz – TMG). In addition, in the case of internal applications, the corresponding company agreements also apply.

In general, the collection, processing, transmission and use of data (hereafter: use of data) is permitted if allowed under the BDSG or some other legal regulation, or if the person affected has consented to such use. By accepting this Privacy Policy, you agree to the use of your data for the electronic processing of your employment application.

The sections below provide you with more detailed information on the collection, storage, transmission and use of your personal data.

1. For what purpose are my data collected and how are they processed?
This information is used to process your employment application and to give you prompt feedback.
Personally identifiable data, as well as position-related information, a curriculum vitae, letters of reference and other documents and information in your application, are stored and used exclusively for the purpose of processing the application.

2. Who processes my data?
Your employment application is not reviewed electronically in the preselection process or in the subsequent selection process. Personnel needs are compared with your profile exclusively by employees in Human Resources and possibly also by employees/managers in the targeted department. All persons involved in processing employment applications are employees of Audi Business Innovation GmbH and treat your data confidentially. The data collected by Audi Business Innovation GmbH are stored on servers in Germany.

3. Will my employment application be made available to companies outside the Audi Group or within the VW Group?
No, this is not the case. Applications are examined only for positions within the Audi Group. For vacant positions outside the Audi Group, but within the VW Group, you are requested to apply there directly. Only with your express consent are data shared with other Group companies outside of the Audi Group.

4. When will my employment application be deleted?
We observe the legally defined periods for deletion. As long as one of your applications is still being processed, we will continue to keep your data stored.
You can withdraw your application at any time; this is given consideration in the application process. What is more, you can delete your external profile at any time, or request us to do so.

5. What are the technical framework conditions?
The online application tool does not use any persistent cookies. For saving Internet Protocol addresses, we adhere to the legal regulations and forgo the creation of individual user profiles. We protect data using data security measures that meet all current legal and technical standards. Applicant data are encrypted for transmission using a suitable method.